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Green Yurts Are Available

Green Yurts Are Available

Due to a growing demand for green coloured canvas yurts from our customers, ideally for use in sensitive locations, where planning rules may be an issue, we have now started offering green yurts as an option. We are proud to introduce our army Green canvas Yurts, which have been used and tested in the U.K […]

Airbnb at Kevin and Drew’s private luxur

Yurt in France

Kevin and Drew’s tranquil private yurt glamping site, situated in the Lot-et-Garonne, a beautiful region south west France. It has beautiful long hot summers and short mild winters. Together with two beautiful luxury yurts, the site also provides swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and indoor lounge nearby. What an amazing holiday place it is!

Yurt, A Great Alternative To Prefab Scho...

Yurt, A Great Alternative To Prefab School Buildings

We have recently installed an 8 metre diameter Mongolian yurt at Oxfords Montessori Forest School. We used the traditional Inner Mongolia colours and patterns to keep the authentic theme of the yurt. Our newly designed yurt structure requires no internal central supports. Therefore maximize the usable space. Making it feel huge and bright inside. This […]

Yurts in Penamacor Portugal

Dreamcatcher Yurts site, Simon and Pam built, is in a full swing. It is nestled in the enchanting Natural Geo Park area of Central Portugal, offers an off-grid traditional Mongolian Yurt experience. Two 6 metre yurts are beautifully decorated and well equipped with the Pyrenees Mountain in the distance. On-site you can also find hammocks, […]