All our yurt prices are VAT included. All yurts come with:

  • Wooden roof crown, solid wooden door;
  • Steam curved trellis walls and roof poles;
  • Double layer ground sheet;
  • Mixed wool felt layer, inner lining, silicone treated poly-canvas for wall and roof section;
  • Waterproof layer for roof section to cope with increasing rain fall;
  • Three layer windows with mosquito netting and removable PVC layer;
  • Two roof caps (transparent PVC and a traditional felt lined);
  • Lockable wooden door with decorative pattern and handles.

Please see our yurt retail prices. The prices shown below are only for UK customers. All our yurts come with white or green canvas for you to choose. If you prefer to have a green colour, please do reserve three months in advance, as our stock ones are general in white colour.

3.5 metre (11.5ft) diameter Mongolian yurt:

This yurt is our smallest yurt, which is a perfect space for a group of children to snuggle down for the night, or use it as a small quirky lounge for an adult.Standard wool mix felt.Floor area: 9.62m2;Wall height: 1.50m;Crown height: 2.48m approx.;Weight: 300kg;Packed size: 1.75m3;Cost: £3,955.00.
4.2 metre (13.7ft) diameter Mongolian yurt:From this size upwards, all our yurts have a higher wall, which means having a completely usable floor space as the footprint of your yurt. A 4.2m dia. yurt is great for many uses, sleeping up to four persons comfortably. It is easy to put up and relocate, making it ideal for travelling. It can take up to 2 people to sleep in, 12 people seating.

Sheep’s wool felt.Floor area: 13.80m2;Wall height: 1.60m;Crown height: 2.52m approx.;Weight: 400kg;Packed size: 2.50m3;Cost: £4,495.00.

5 metre (16.4ft) diameter Mongolian yurt: This size yurt is the ideal size for Luxury Glamping, as it accommodates a double bed, popular for couples. It is large enough to be used as a Workshop, Office, or even a Home. Recently this size of yurt has become popular with the growing Airbnb market, possibly generating attractive incomes for people with a spare land. It can take up to 3 to 4 people to sleep in, 20 seating, or 30 standing.

Sheep’s wool felt.Floor area: 19.60m2;Wall height: 1.60m;Crown hieght: 2.75m approx.; Weight: 525kg; Packed size: 3.50m3;Costs: £5,250.00.

6 metre (19.6ft) diameter Mongolian yurt:If you wish to accommodate families or larger groups, this size yurt is a perfect choice. With a larger crown and high roof, it feels like a grand space for many uses, i.e. Yoga Retreat, Children’s Classrooms, Pottery Workshops, Parties, Communal Space, and Alternative Off-grid Homes. This is another popularly featured listing accommodation on Airbnb and can bring in additional income. It takes maximum 5 or 6 people to sleep in, 24 people seating and 42 standing.

Sheep’s wool felt.Floor area: 28.30m2;Wall height: 1.60m;Crown height: 2.90m approx.;Weight: 600kg;Packed size: 4.50m3;Cost: £6,350.00.

7 metre (23ft) diameter Mongolian yurt:
The structure is made by metal and wooden mixed structure. It maintains wooden characteristic of the structure, yet add additional strength to provide grand open plan vision. Sheep’s wool felt insulation. It comes with a wood door. Floor area: 35.20m2;Wall height: 1.60m;Crown height: 3.48m approx.;Weight: 700kg;Packed size: 7m3;Cost: £10,900.00
8 metre (26ft) diameter Mongolian yurt:This yurt offers a large open plan, perfect for Weddings, Meetings, Exhibitions, Restaurants, Cinema Nights, Parties, and Yoga Studio. This structure is made by metal and wooden mixed structure. It maintains wooden characteristic of the structure, yet add additional strength to provide grand open plan vision. These yurts come with a double door and a single door to meet fire regulation. However we can removed the second single door if you wish. Generally, we make them to your order, so we can accommodate bespoke options. It can take up to 60 guests, or approximate 100 guests standing; 8 people sleep in maximum.

Standard wool mix felt.Floor area: 50.20m2;Wall height: 1.74m;Crown height: 3.70m;Weight: 1150kg;Packed size: 7m3;Cost: £13,805.00.

10 metre (32.8ft) diameter Mongolian yurt:This grand design yurt offers a breath-taking and impressive space for any large events, for instance, Weddings, Meetings, Corporate Events, Exhibitions, Restaurants, Cinema, Yoga Studio, Parties, and many more. It can take up to 96 seating guests or 40-60 include a bar/dance floor with a band.

Standard wool mix felt.Floor area: 78.50m2;Wall height:1.90m;Crown height: 4.30m;Weight: 1500kg;Packed size: 9.5m3;Cost: £20,045.00.