Let’s see northern lights in Yurt Freya, Iceland!

Our yurts are end up in some amazing locations. Often, they are set in a beautiful, serene countryside, providing a calming space, to rejuvenate our body and soul. Wow, this location in Iceland, is just striking! It is hidden in the heart of Iceland’s Golden Circle, nestled among stunning views and the silence of the […]

Be individual and be yourselves!

The wonderful thing about our Mongolian yurts is they offer our customers a blank canvas, on which they can express themselves. Often our yurt customers decorate their yurts with their own unique style. For instance, Dan Stone and his partner decorated their new yurt with outrageous funky flair. The vibrant of colours bring each day […]

Into the Woods Retreat

How to wind down and be at one with nature, to recharge and refresh yourselves next to a peaceful lake and deep into the woods? Be barefoot through the grass, climbing trees in woods, jumping into the cool waters of the lake have a wild swimming, or take a little rowing boat further out into […]

Green Yurts Are Available

Due to a growing demand for green coloured canvas yurts from our customers, ideally for use in sensitive locations, where planning rules may be an issue, we have now started offering green yurts as an option. We are proud to introduce our army Green canvas Yurts, which have been used and tested in the U.K […]

Yurt in France

Airbnb at Kevin and Drew’s private luxury yurt glamping site in France

Kevin and Drew’s tranquil private yurt glamping site, situated in the Lot-et-Garonne, a beautiful region south west France. It has beautiful long hot summers and short mild winters. Together with two beautiful luxury yurts, the site also provides swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and indoor lounge nearby. What an amazing holiday place it is! https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/32587050?source_impression_id=p3_1565702661_u5ivIHQwcxc0gog1

Yurt, A Great Alternative To Prefab School Buildings

We have recently installed an 8 metre diameter Mongolian yurt at Oxfords Montessori Forest School. We used the traditional Inner Mongolia colours and patterns to keep the authentic theme of the yurt. Our newly designed yurt structure requires no internal central supports. Therefore maximize the usable space. Making it feel huge and bright inside. This […]

Yurts in Penamacor Portugal

Dreamcatcher Yurts site, Simon and Pam built, is in a full swing. It is nestled in the enchanting Natural Geo Park area of Central Portugal, offers an off-grid traditional Mongolian Yurt experience. Two 6 metre yurts are beautifully decorated and well equipped with the Pyrenees Mountain in the distance. On-site you can also find hammocks, […]

Yurt in Portugal

The first 6m diametre yurt has been beautifully set up in sunny Portugal by Simon and Pam. The second one will soon be up running too.  Very well done to both of you! What a perfect place for Yoga Retreat and more.  

‘Yurt at the Chapel’ in Deepdale UK

We are proud to introduce another luxury yurt holiday with our lovely yurts for you all. It is up and running on the grounds of a 1878 Chapel, with a delightful garden centre and great café, local walks, art galleries, museums, historic sites, restaurants and the Humber Bridge to enhance your stay. We wish them […]

Beautiful Woodland Yurt in North Norfolk

Summer is nearly gone, beautiful autumn is almost here. Looking back, the best things that happened to us this year is that our customers have been doing so well with their new yurt letting businesses, yoga practice in yurt, outdoor activities in yurt etc. We are truly happy for them. For example, Starr yurt, beautiful […]

An opportunity just for you…..

Are you keen to boost your business and enjoying a free PR opportunity on Channel 5? If you do, here could be an opportunity just for you…..     Tom Bomford, a Casting Researcher at Pi Productions (http://piproductions.tv/), a television production company run by John Silver, who created Grand Designs and reinvented MasterChef. They are […]

Cornish Yurt Project

We had a very busy start in 2016. Our yurts appeared in schools, yurt glamping sites, meditation sites, and even home extension sites. Feedback was great! We would love to share some photos with you. I must say the setting in Cornish Yurt Project glamping site was excellent! I would certainly love to stay in […]