Are you keen to boost your business and enjoying a free PR opportunity on Channel 5? If you do, here could be an opportunity just for you…..



Tom Bomford, a Casting Researcher at Pi Productions (, a television production company run by John Silver, who created Grand Designs and reinvented MasterChef. They are making a brand new documentary series for Channel 5 that follows people as they relocate to start a new life and a new business.

They are looking for families or couples who are planning to ditch the 9 to 5 to pursue a career in something they are passionate about. It could be running a campsite, smallholding, setting up a surf school or their very own bakery. They want to showcase the amazing lifestyle opportunities out there and show what it takes to make a new business a success.

They are keen to feature positive and aspirational stories. This is a brilliant opportunity for “life changers” to feature themselves and their new venture on a prime time documentary, and inspire other people in the process.

They are looking for people who are embarking on their journey this summer. If you are intersted please check out the website as below –  Interested parties can email or give Tom a call on 0203 761 4537.