A yurt in Bussière-Badil, France

A yurt in Bussière-Badil, France This beautiful 5m diameter yurt, from Yurt Specialists, was built in June 2023. It is located in delightful Bussiere-Badil in France. The region is home to an impressive selection of attractions and experiences, making it well worth a visit. The owner of the yurt had friends to help build it […]

A brand new setting for a 6m diameter yurt in Peak District

A Brand New Setting For A 6m Diameter Yurt In Peak District This 6m diameter yurt, Yurt Specialists’ Ger, was recently purchased and built in the heart of the Peak District, with quintessential views of the area. On this occasion, our trusted yurt building team pitched the yurt and designed and constructed a circular raised […]

Be Individual and Be Yourselves!

Be Individual and Be Yourselves! The wonderful thing about our Mongolian yurts is they offer our customers a blank canvas to express themselves. Often, our yurt customers decorate their yurts with their unique style. For instance, Dan Stone and his partner decorated their new yurt with outrageous funky flair. The vibrant colours bring each day […]

Into the Woods Retreat

Into the Woods Retreat Are you looking to wind down and be at peace with nature? To recharge and refresh yourselves? In this peaceful lake and deep into the woods, go barefoot through the grass, climb trees in the woods, jump into the cool waters of the lake, have a wild swim, or take a […]

green yurt

Green Yurts Are Available

Green Yurts Are Available Due to a growing demand from our customers for green-coloured canvas yurts, we have now started offering them as an option. They are ideal for sensitive locations where planning rules may be an issue. We are proud to introduce our army Green canvas Yurts, which have been used and tested in […]


Yurt, A Great Alternative To Prefab School Buildings

Yurt, A Great Alternative To Prefab School Buildings We recently installed an eight-metre diameter Mongolian yurt at Montessori Forest School in Oxford. To keep the yurt’s authentic theme, we used traditional Inner Mongolian colours and patterns. Our newly designed yurt structure requires no internal central supports, so it maximizes the usable space, making it feel […]

Yurts in Penamacor Portugal

Yurts in Penamacor Portugal Dreamcatcher Yurts site, which Simon and Pam built, is in full swing. Nestled in the enchanting Natural Geo Park area of Central Portugal, it offers an off-grid traditional Mongolian yurt experience. Two 6-metre yurts are beautifully decorated and well equipped, with the Pyrenees Mountains in the distance. On-site, you can also […]

A Yurt in Portugal

A Yurt in Portugal Simon and Pam have beautifully set up the first 6m diametre yurt in sunny Portugal by Simon and Pam. The second one will soon be up and running, too. Very well done to both of you! What a perfect place for a Yoga Retreat and more.  

‘Yurt at the Chapel’ in Deepdale UK

‘Yurt at the Chapel’ in Deepdale UK We are proud to introduce another luxury yurt holiday with our lovely yurts. It is up and running on the grounds of an 1878 Chapel, with a delightful garden centre and great café, local walks, art galleries, museums, historical sites, restaurants, and the Humber Bridge to enhance your […]

Beautiful Woodland Yurt in North Norfolk

Beautiful Woodland Yurt in North Norfolk Summer is nearly gone, and beautiful autumn is almost here. Looking back, the best things that happened to us this year are that our customers have been doing so well with their new yurt-letting businesses, yoga practice in a yurt, outdoor activities in a yurt, etc. We are truly […]

An opportunity just for you…..

Are you keen to boost your business and enjoying a free PR opportunity on Channel 5? If you do, here could be an opportunity just for you…..     Tom Bomford, a Casting Researcher at Pi Productions (http://piproductions.tv/), a television production company run by John Silver, who created Grand Designs and reinvented MasterChef. They are […]

Cornish Yurt Project

Cornish Yurt Project We had a very busy start in 2016. Our yurts appeared in schools, yurt glamping sites, meditation sites, and even home extension sites. The feedback was great! We would love to share some photos with you. I must say the setting in the Cornish Yurt Project glamping site was excellent! I would […]

Yurt Season is Coming

Yurt Season is Coming A yurt season is coming! Spring is coming, and the weather is getting warmer and brighter. Another 4.2m diameter yurt is up beautifully in Forest Centre Falmouth Cornwall to offer an outdoor learning space for children to kick start the outdoor learning experience and embrace nature and surroundings.