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Our traditional Mongolian yurts offer the ultimate luxury experience of living under canvas. Bring a new experience to your campsites or extra room to your B&B, or simply a living space to your garden.

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Easy Assembly

Our yurts can be put up in just a few hours. We have recently modified our design to make assembly even quicker. To move yurts from place to place has become much simpler.

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Please get in touch, we have years of experience when it comes to making and selling yurts, and are always glad to offer our knowledge and advice to help you get he right size of yurts for your needs. Call any day 9am to 9pm. Telephone no. Eliot +44 (0) 7787 567179 or Jessie +44 (0) 7968 898945.

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Welcome to Yurt Specialists

Why Buy a Yurt from Yurt Specialists?

  • Our Yurts are designed for all seasons;
  • We do not charge for extras, great value for money;
  • A long established family business with 30 years’ experience in making authentic Gers/Yurts in Inner Mongolia for the UK;
  • We keep plenty of Yurts in stock in the UK;
  • We are trusted suppliers to various organisations, i.e. schools, camp sites, etc.
  • We offer after sale support to all our customers;
  • Show Yurt based in Oxford is available for viewing all year.
  • We provide detailed build instructions and we can also offer Yurt build service
A Mongolian Yurt, or Ger as it is traditionally known, is a unique structure that has been used by nomads for a millennia. Yurts today are used for a wide variety of purposes, from permanent dwellings, to classrooms and glamping sites, the list is endless.

The traditional Yurts we make create a space that is both permanent and secure, yet can be easily taken down and relocated with little or no impact on its environment. Whether it's stargazing through the open roof crown on a summers evening, or stoking the wood burner on a cold winters day, a yurt will certainly evoke the nomad within you.

Yurt Specialists is a family company with over 30 years of experience in making beautifully handcrafted yurts. We make a variety of sizes, from 3.5 metre diameter up to 10 metre event yurts. Our customers include the National Trust, the Environment Agency, many schools and playgroups, healing practitioners, campsite owners, and a lot of people simply wanting an alternative way to live. We make all our yurts at our workshops in Inner Mongolia, and then ship them to Oxford UK. Buying a yurt from Yurt Specialists means you are getting a fair trade product, we don't use agents or middle men, this means we can supply high quality yurts at affordable prices.

The authentic design Yurt Specialists use is widely regarded as the strongest of the various types of yurts seen around East Asia. To making them suitable for more challenging weather conditions, we have made some minor adjustments, just to make our yurts more suited to 21st century living, by raising the wall height and adding windows as standard.

Yurt Specialists don't believe in charging for 'extras', all our yurts come fully insulated with sheets wool felt, a double layer groundsheet and a lockable wooden door. The yurts outer 'skin' is a heavy duty breathable poly-canvas designed for all seasons. All yurts come with both clear PVC, and traditional insulated crown cap covers, to suit everybody's requirements. Please see our further explaination regarding 'Components & Materials'.

If you are interested with news regarding our yurts, please check out our Blog.

If you wish to create an eco friendly yurt site, please check out our webpage regarding stoves, solar pannel, and etc.

Please see our price list section. All prices include VAT.
If you wish to view our yurts first hand please contact us to make an appointment to view our Oxford based yurt.