Energy Efficiency

A checklist to make your yurt more energy efficient

Windows and doors should be orientated within 30 degrees towards a southern direction to maximise the solar gain. 
Use the transparent roof crown cover to let more light in through the Roof Ring, which will provide additional sunlight/heat. 
In hotter regions extra natural ventilation is provided by rolling up the bottom of fabric wall layer and windows, as well as removing the roof crown cover. 
Use of natural material, i.e. horse hair ropes. 
The use of a thick felt thermal mass to sustain the yurts indoor temperature. To cope with extreme cold winter weather (as low as -5ºC) – with an additional option for the extra thick sheep’s wool layer, suitable for even the coldest winters.
Solar panels or wind turbines generate electricity, with any exceeded amount being stored for future use, or sold back to the national grid – please see the website link for these products
An efficient wood burning stove to provide essential heat and cooking facilities.