Stoves for Yurts


The most popular way to keep your yurt warm and dry is to install a log burner.
In recent months we have received good feedback on the following stove options, which are currently available in the UK…

For the 4.2 & 5 metre yurts we recommend a log burner with an output of 3-5 kilowatts. Here are some popular choices, for example:

Anevay Stoves ( make a Frontier plus 3.5kw output stove and a slightly more powerful Traveller stove (3.9kw);
Salamander stoves ( make a Hobbit stove (4.1kw output)

For the 6 metre yurts an output of 5-6 kilowatt is recommended from various stove suppliers, for example:

Wild stoves ( make a Henry stove (5 kilowatt output)
Eco2022stoves make a Buddy stubby 5kw stove

Some yurt users install under floor heating systems (usually electricity based, as water systems can be less reliable in the winter months). When correctly installed they provide an efficient ambient heat source for any yurt.

Stove Flashings

Your wood burners chimney/flue will need to exit the yurt through the roof layers. Either through the roof canvas, or the crown cap. A flue kit is required to seal around the flue, preventing water ingress. The flue kit takes 1-2 hours to install, and is a two person DIY job. This can be done after your yurt has been erected. We recommend a supplier called
Windy smithy(, which, at the time of publishing retails a ‘yurt flashing for canvas’ (twin wall) for around £115.00 including delivery.

Selecting a Solar or Wind Power Supplies


Yurt users, who are interested in self sufficiency and environmentally friendly power supplies, could try free standing solar power. It is is great for low-power uses, such as providing lighting, laptop/ mobile power and even small fridges.

Wind powered turbines are also a popular option for yurt users, small modern wind generators designed for boats and caravans can be very quiet and ideal for generating additional electricity when sunlight is not sufficient. You can find some useful products to use from the following website:

Selecting a martting or rug for your yurt
All our yurts come with double layer groundsheet. It can be used straight away. However, some of our custmers prefer to put something on top of it to protect the groundsheet for many years to come. Some beautiful rugs would just be perfect. If the yurt gets many foot falls,DandyDura matting would be a good start. DandyDura® is a woven polyproplene matting. It is a very popular matting for marquees and is easy to maintain, very durable, fully reversible, weatherproof and light to handle. This product can be made into circular shaped carpet for your yurt. Here is a photo of our 8m yurt with the DandyDura matting.

Storm Kit

From time to time, you may wish to strap down your yurt, especially when storm comes. Please note this is not a guarantee of storm proof. We would strongly recommend taking down your yurt(s) before storm comes or make sure that you have insurance cover in place just in case unexpected events happens.

The plan layout below indicates the location of the 4 number storm straps. 4.2m dia. yurt needs 4x9m straps; 5m dia. yurt needs 4×10.5m straps; 6m dia. yurt needs 4x12m straps. The purpose is to hold down four corners of the roof cap. The ends of each strap will need to be tie down to the eye hooks which we provided with the yurt.

The initial design idea was come from a customer of ours. This is what they did.

Yurt has been used in many places and for many purposes: