Due to a growing demand for green coloured canvas yurts from our customers, ideally for use in sensitive locations, where planning rules may be an issue, we have now started offering green yurts as an option.

We are proud to introduce our army Green canvas Yurts, which have been used and tested in the U.K for the past 3 years. They have proven to perform as well as our classic white canvas.

This option provides our wide customer base with more opportunities to enjoy our traditional yurt structures, but in areas where it might be overlooked by neighbours or the public. The green canvas also performs well in woodland locations, where leaf drop can be an issue with white yurts.

Our yurts can offer perfectly balanced luxury and a traditional experience living within nature. Yurts create an almost magical space that other structures cannot offer. Inside, the curves are reminiscent of a mandala, appealing to the senses, combined with a clear roof cover that offers a glimpse of the stars. They can create a feeling of serenity and peace.
With the Covid-19 situation, more and more people are wanting to enjoy their holidays in yurts, and to be closer with nature. It can also improve mental and physically wellbeing.

green yurt

green coloured canvas yurts

green yurt in garden

green yurt in garden