Yurt Season is Coming

Yurt Season is Coming A yurt season is coming! Spring is coming, and the weather is getting warmer and brighter. Another 4.2m diameter yurt is up beautifully in Forest Centre Falmouth Cornwall to offer an outdoor learning space for children to kick start the outdoor learning experience and embrace nature and surroundings.

A Yurt in France

One of our customers has set up their yurt for rental in France. The setting of the yurt is next to a beautiful green lake. As an addition to the yurt, they have added a stylish purple theme with their inner curtain lining. It has transferred the yurt into a cosy romantic cocoon.

A 3.5m diameter yurt is up in Standon Hertfordshire

A 3.5m diameter yurt is up in Standon Hertfordshire, hidden in a private garden, over look beautiful rolling hills. Our customer spent some time and thoughts built his own decking with wooden balustrade and rope railing. It gives the space a sense of hidden away nature tranquillity character of it. I can almost feel the […]